My journey continues…

Of late… just completed a full physical with my family DR. Found out I was low on B12 and my blood pressure was a bit high. Dr put me on meds to drop the BP and I’ve started B12 supplements. Feeling pretty good right now. I’ve also been referred to another Dr. A gender transformation specialist, of my choosing, based on a friend’s recommendation. Hoping it goes well, and still waiting to get an appointment to see him.


Hi. I’m Mikki, but I prefer Olivia.

This is my place to express myself and talk about the journey that I’m undertaking. Born male, never really fit that description for most of my life. I grew up in a household full of women and was surrounded by estrogn. I just felt more feminine than masculine. I do remember the first time I wore a dress, around age 4. It felt so free and natural. I’m one of 7 kids and I have 5 sisters and a little brother that was more effeminate than all of the girls. I tried to be male, most of my life, but it felt like a costume to me. So.. things are changing. When Covid hit, in 2020, I was stuck home, in lock-down for 5 months, while my current wife went to work. She works in health care and was deemed essential. This life pause forced me to think about how I’m existing and all the things that have been off, all my life. I hadn’t cross dressed for a long time so I revisited that part of my past. For the first time, I bought a pair of high heels and a few lingerie pieces. BAM! There she was… Olivia. I discovered that I looked and felt more attractive as a woman, and just felt more natural and real than I have in a long time. Of course, that led to more changes. Hair, make- up, accessories, fragrances, lotions and potions, and of course, more clothing and shoes. I will post updates here, as my life changes. Might be a bumpy ride. LOL
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Olivia Mikki Cross